14 Ways to Get Free Amazon Gift Cards

‘We all want to buy something we like and a good amount of  times, Amazon will recommend us those exact items based on our cookies. We have therefore created this article so that you can get them at a cheaper price.’

Ways to Get all the Amazon Gift Cards you can get

Free Amazon Gift Cards

  1. Making the correct use of your Credit Card

If you are a shopper who uses Credit Cards for shopping online as well as offline, you are going to love the fact that this is the exact way to get yourself a good discount on Amazon. There are a good number of offers for credit cards when they are used for paying for common things like the filling of gas in your vehicles or using them for cuisine, going on a shopping spree, etc. There are also a good amount of points you can earn when you purchase something at Amazon to grab a discount on your next Amazon purchase. All you need to do is make sure that all the benefits are provided by the card you are using. If not, you can always change it.

  1. Using one of the most trusted rewards system

Yes, you heard it right. There does exist a rewards system which will actually give you something. It is known as the Bing rewards. All you will need to do is set the default search engine to Bing and make sure to sign up for the rewards system. You will be able to earn and redeem the points after you reach a particular threshold.

  1. Fill Em Up!

Surveys are one of the most straightforward ways you can earn a ton of money. All you need to do is search for the legit websites and get started right away after registering. Fill the surveys and start earning in the form of cash, cards and most importantly… Amazon Gift Cards.

4.Amazon Mechanical Turk

MTurk is one of the biggest crowd sourcing marketplaces.  You will get a simple task and if you are able to perform that task, you can earn a good amount of money that you can use to get those gift cards.

  1. Use your Bills

There are websites like the Receipt Hog and Punch Bag who let you earn a good amount of points if you upload the receipts of your shopping list. You can use those points in order to get gift cards. Basically, both of them offer you the same service.

  1. Entertain Yourself to Earn Some Points

Yes, you read it right. Search and open up the Mypoints portal in order to watch movies as well as play a good amount of games. You can also download some entertainment related things and you will be rewarded with points the more you use that service. As always, you can redeem the earned currency for Amazon Gift Cards.

  1. The Amazon Way

You can wait for the prime time in order to availa offers from the official Amazon website itself. There are times when they offer gift cards totally free of cost or they offer free gift cards when you purchase something. Make sure to keep track of the website for that.

  1. Intelligent Trading With Amazon

The best thing to do if you have a good amount of things at your disposal is trading them in using Amazon. There are a good number of products which are listed in the trading options of the Amazon database and you will surely find one of the products which you have in the list. The categories are endless (laptops, desktops, GPUs, CPUs, mobile phones, books, etc).

  1. Swagbucks

One of the most widely trusted platforms is Swagbucks and you can surely use it to earn a good amount of real-life rewards. Think of it like an in-game mission you have to complete in order to earn virtual in-game currency. In this case, it is a real currency instead. There are different codes and different kinds of tasks you can perform such as watching a video or downloading and using something, filling up a form on a web page or interacting with someone.

  1. RecycleBank

This is one of the most unique websites because all it does is help spread education. All you need to do is read educational articles which are on that website and you are good to earn your free Amazon Gift cards.

  1. Cardpool

This is a website which is similar to the trading in Amazon. This website will offer hard cash or Amazon Gift cards as well when you exchange your gift cards. The gift cards or the accessories can be of any company. You can also convert them to other currencies.

  1. Zoombucks

This is application is the same as Swagbucks and can be considered it’s rival. However, you can use any of those services. Make sure you catch the best of them both.  Browse the web, watch plenty of videos and play a good amount of games to earn more.

  1. Ibotta

Earn more banana. Earn more milky milk. Earn more eggity eggs. Earn Amazon gift cards. You will know when you try it.

  1. Coinstar

Participate in contests like the 2019 snap2win in order to get a chance to earn up to 500 dollars in cash. Buy bitcoins and trade them. Print money-saving coupons and use them to save more bucks. Earn more coins on-site using these tactics to convert them into Amazon Balance.

Conclusion:These are the most straightforward and trusted methods worldwide. You can use them to earn quick cash or to grab a massive discount over a period of time. There are lottery systems in some of those applications so you can surely try your luck as well. Happy earning!

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