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The rise of gaming has been seen in recent years. More and more gamers are coming out of their shell and are participating in the world of online gaming. Games like PUBG, Fortnite, Dota 2 and CS: GO are doing great in the world of competitive gaming. But there are some free games on Steam which are being overlooked by gamers. Today in this post we are going to talk about 10 best free games on steam that you should definitely give a try. So, let’s get started!


If you have played Overwatch you will find Paladins very similar. It’s a 5v5 game in which you have to capture the enemy’s fortress and have to obtain 4 points. But it’s not as easy as it sounds. The game also has a pinch of MOBA features added to it. Every character has their own set of abilities. The best part about this game is that it has really easy to understand maps and amazing visuals which makes this game more enjoyable and clashes more indulging.

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One more MOBA in our list of best free steam games. Smite is not any other MOBA game. It has a bit of uniqueness added to it. You control your God-like characters in third person perspective. Other modes like deathmatch arena are also present in this game. Players are divided in two times with 5 players each. There are 3 lanes present in the game which are defended by ‘Phoenix’. Coming close to Phoenix is not a smart move as it deals a large amount of damage.

best free steam games smite

Dota 2

Dota 2 needs no introduction. It’s one of the games that has conquered and dominated the competitive gaming scene for a long time and still continues to be one of the best and most played games on Steam. Dota 2 is a MOBA genre game with hundreds of heroes to choose from. Each hero has their own unique abilities and powers. The objective of this game is pretty straight-forward. Lead your team to victory by capturing the opponent’s base which is known as Ancient.

best free steam games pc dota 2

Team Fortress 2

It has been more than a decade since it was released but still, young players and even some adults like to play this game a lot! You need really good reflexes for this one. The game is really fast-paced and things can change quickly. Two teams comprising nine players each face each other in a match having different modes like capture the flags, king of the hills etc.

best free steam games on pc team fortress 2

Winning Putt

If you ever wanted to play a Golf MMO then Winning Putt is the game that you should definitely give a try! This game is built on CryEngine. In this game, you have to create your own characters and train them to become a hole-in-one champion. Although you can spend money on in-game purchases we will not advise you to do that. The location of golf courses are amazing, one of these locations is the alien planet Starglen. There is a community hub in the game called “The Square” where player avatars can interact and trade with other players online.

best free steam games winning putt

Path of Exile

Path of Exile is a really popular RPG. You get to control your character from the overhead perspective. Players can choose one of the six classes to start their game with. These classes are Duelist, Ranger, Shadow, Marauder, Templar, and Witch. One more class called Scion can be unlocked later in the game. This game is grimmer and gothic than any other RPG available. If you are a fan of RPG genre then Path of Exile is a must to play.

best free steam games path of exile


Warface is another gem in the group of best free games on steam. It’s a First Person Shooter game pretty much similar to games like Call of Duty and CS: GO. You can choose between four classes to play, these classes are – Engineer, Rifleman, Sniper, or Medic. Engineers fix broken armors, Rifleman provides extra ammo, Snipers are long-range beasts, and Medics revive the knocked out teammates. You can play PvP as well as PvE.

best free steam games on pc warface


Rift is a really popular MMORPG developed by Trion Games. You will embark upon a journey in which you will defeat various monsters, develop skills, and watch your character grow in the massive world of Telara. You have to choose between any of the 5 different callings named – Warrior, Cleric, Rogue, Maze, or Primalist. You are then given access to 8 different souls to start with (not if you choose Primalist). You can also choose a Purpose (a premade profile) if you want to bypass all the lengthy procedures.

best free steam games mac rift


Duelyst is a card game that has made its place in our list of best free steam game. In Duelyst you have to summon a card and the character associated with comes to life on a chess-like board. You can then manipulate that character to flank the enemy. The game is filled with amazing animations, art, and colorful graphics. This game is unique and one of the best free games on steam.

best free steam games duelyst

PlanetSide 2

We can call PlanetSide 2 one of the best free steam games on PC. I personally play this game a lot. PlanetSide 2 is a first-person shooter game that will blow your mind. With its amazing graphics, a great re-spawning mechanism, gigantic maps, and a variety of weapons this game is a treat to play. PlanetSide 2 will take you to a sci-fi warfare where you can control Tanks, Airplanes and ground vehicles and use a variety of weapons according to your playstyle to eliminate your enemies. 3 armies will compete with each other in order to take control of facilities which is very similar to Battlefield’s capture-point style gameplay. The game usually comprises of 50 players and you will be combating with other team members a lot. Huge battles can even comprise of 2000 players at once.

best free steam games planetside 2


So, we told you everything about best free steam games. Now, it’s time to head to Steam and start downloading all games right now! Give each of them a try and tell us in the comments section which game you liked the most. That’s it for today’s post. Stay tuned for more tips, tricks and much more. Thanks for reading. Don’t forget to share this post with your friends!

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