Best Productivity Apps For Organizing Your Life

If you are reading this article then it’s easy to understand that you need to organize your life a little. Living a life without a proper schedule can be a little tough. Things can get messy and in the end, you are left with lots of work, deadlines to complete and stress. That’s why in this post we have compiled some of the best productivity apps that can boost your productivity and time management skills to a new level. So, whether you want to plan your important projects or just want to get your household chores done or just want to utilize your time in a better way there is something that you can take away from here. So, let’s have a look at the list of top 5 best productivity apps.


Wunderlist is a ‘wunderful’ app that will help you in scheduling your works and keep your organized. You may have seen a numerous to-do list apps on the Internet but most of them are of no use or don’t work according to your expectations. Wunderlist is not just another to-do list app. The first thing that you will notice after installing this amazing app is its amazing User Interface. Below are the features of this amazing app.

best productivity apps

  1. A great to-do list app which is available on plenty of platforms including Android, iOS, Web, Apple Watch, Mac OS X, Windows, Apple Watch and more.
  2. You can share your to-do list and work collaboratively on any project with your colleagues, friends etc. to beat the deadlines.
  3. Get notified of your next tasks through push notifications, emails, and in-app updates.
  4. A feature of adding #hashtags to your tasks to add more context.

So, if you were looking for a to-do list app that will really help you in organizing your life then Wunderlist is the one that you should consider.


We all know how hard it is to remember passwords. Even more annoying thing is to enter them again and again in order to log in some website or app. If this describes your problem then we have an amazing solution for you. LastPass is a password manager app that will solve all your password related problems. Now, you don’t need to remember 10 passwords for 10 different sites. Just remember one password and let LastPass manage all your other passwords. Features of the LastPass are mentioned below.

best productivity apps

  1. LastPass generates a really strong password for any site that you are signing up for.
  2. Then it encrypts the password and stores it in an online vault.
  3. Not only passwords, LastPass can store your Debit Card Details, Wi-fi Passwords, and any other detail that you want to store.
  4. You will not have to enter your Password and other login details again and again in order to log in on a website; thanks to the auto-fill feature of LastPass.
  5. In case of an emergency or a crisis, LastPass lets your family and friends access your Passwords.

As you can see LastPass is the one stop solution for your every password related problems. Go and give it a try!


Forest App is a really creative app that can help you if you are constantly distracted by your mobile phone. The developers of this app have found a really creative way of making you stop phubbing. So, all you need to do is open this app and set a timer (the amount of time you want to stay focused) and lay your phone down. Now, start working on your tasks and try to stay focused until the timer completes.

If you managed to stay focused without getting distracted by your phone (you can’t check your messages, call someone or visit any site), you grow a tree. If you fail to do so, your tree will die. The goal is to build a forest so that you can see how productive you have been over the week.

best productivity apps

  1. Helpful for people who need a visual simulation and extra incentive to stay focused.
  2. It’s like a productive phone game that gives you time rather than wasting it.
  3. Forest team will plant a real tree whenever you spend Virtual Coins that you earn by growing forest!!

So, through Forest app, you help the real world by being productive! Isn’t that a great motivator? Try the forest app right now if you want to stop phubbing.

Mindly (Mind Mapping)

If you have trouble organizing your inner universe i.e. your thoughts then mindly is the app that’s going to make your life easier. One idea leads to another and then suddenly it becomes hard for us to keep track of this chain reaction of ideas. With Mindly you can form Mind Maps and get a pictorial representation of your thought flow.¬†You start with the Focus idea and then start linking it with the ideas that are related to it. In this way, it becomes really easy for you to organize your thoughts. Mind Mapping technique has been proven really effective for students. Features of this app are mentioned below.

best productivity apps for students

  1. Great looking and easy to understand User Interface.
  2. Helps you to take your thoughts anywhere with you.
  3. Available on AppStore, PlayStore, and Mac App Store.

Mindly is one of my favorite apps that really help me in uncluttering my mind. I prefer using it everytime I study concepts that are linked to each other.


Buffer is an app that will take care of all your social media management. You can schedule your social media posts with Buffer and it will automatically post on your behalf at the scheduled time. With this app, you can analyze a lot about how people are engaging with your posts, and how you can increase your following or post engagements. Buffer allows you to post at the time when your targeted audience is most active on social media platforms. It is one stop solution for all your social media management.

best productivity apps 2018

  1. Great analytics tool, really helps in getting the most out of your social media posts.
  2. Easy to understand and a decent user interface.
  3. Can manage up to 25+ Social profiles, can schedule up to 2000 posts per profile.

So, these were some of the best productivity apps that you should definitely give a try. If you have some more apps that you think should be part of this list then feel free to comment below. Stay tuned for more articles like this one. Thanks for reading.

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