Top 10 Coin Master Tips and Best Tricks (NO HACK/CHEATS)

Millions of users are rampantly playing coin master. The most dominant aspect of its popularity is its association with Facebook. This game is available for Android, IOS, and Facebook. This game is highly addictive and that is why we are here with Coin master tips and tricks. In this post, we will also tell you about what netizens call Coin Master Hack. We will provide you info on whether these Coin Master hacks really work or not.

Coin master is all about a virtual slot machine. The players are given a set of spins, and these spins have to be utilized to gain treasure, chance to loot villages, chance to attack villages and get more spins. The goal of the player is supposed to be constructing the village and crossing levels.

Coin master is structurally very simple, but if one follows some strategy, they can eventually be a better Coin Master player. The game requires its players to keep a check on it after every few hours as they get five spins every hour. After spending a lot of hours on this game, we have figured out some tips and tricks that can help one be the champion of Coin Master.

coin master tips and tricks


#1 Never store your income

Saving is the idea that works in the real world. In this virtual world of Coin Master, the more you will try to store your income, the more you will be prone to losing everything. Since the game allows users to rob treasures, every player is at risk of losing their treasure. Make sure that you spend the Treasure that you get because storing is equivalent to losing it.

#2 Use your spins after 10 hours

Next in our Coin Master tips and tricks is Use your Spins after 10 hours. This is one of the most significant points about coin master tips and tricks. Be patient and let your spins get collected. Using your spins, after now and then, will yield nothing. You cannot yield anything big with 5-10 spins. Once you have a set of 50, you can manage to play bets that help to get more benefits. 50 spins can let you have more opportunities to attack other villages and rob them as well.

Also, don’t let the spin collection go beyond 10 hours. The collection of spins gets over after 50 after that time gets wasted in creating nothing. Meanwhile, the risks of getting attacked and robbed will increase. Check your game after every 10 hours and don’t let the next five spins of the next hour go in vain.

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#3 Use the extra perks

Coin master provides some extra perks to keep the excitement alive. Sometimes the players miss out on these perks. The best perk is the daily bonus which comes in every 24 hours. It is a spin that helps the player get an amount of 50k to 20 million coins. It is a luck based activity, and it has helped many.

#4 Feed your pet

A player gets a pet in the game; one must realize that the pet is not just an accessory, but it can act as a helper also. During a raid, one gets four crosses where the Treasure can potentially be. The player only gets to dig 3, but when you have well fed your pet, it can dig the 4th cross.

#5 Never fall into the trap of Coin Master hack

I am sure that you must have seen a huge number of sites claiming to provide you free coins and spins in Coin Master game. All you have to do is use their so-called ‘Coin Master hack’ and that’s it! But let me tell you the truth.

All those Coin Master hacks, cheats, and generators are not going to provide you with anything. Instead, they will waste your time and sometimes might cost you some bucks too. So, never trust any site that makes such claims or provides such Coin Master hack. Just read genuine Coin master tips and tricks from blogs like this one and become a pro in this game.

#6 Watch the promotional videos

Coin master provides free spins and coins when you watch the promotional videos. Watching one video is equal to getting one spin. And in the case of coins, the number might differ. These promotional videos can ban an asset when you are short of the necessary resources. They are very crucial when you are just one step away from completing one stage. You simply have to click on the capsule of energy to be able to watch the ads.

#7 Use your Facebook Account

By connecting your Facebook account to the game you can earn some bonus coins. You can earn even more coins by allowing the game to invite your Facebook friends. Invite more friends to get more coins, it’s as simple as that.

#8 Raid Raid Raid!

The formula is simple. Raid others, earn coins, strengthen your base/village from coins earned, and repeat. Raiding is the most straightforward way of earning free coins in coin master.

But don’t forget to defend your own village properly. Setting up good defenses should be a priority too. Attack more villages, gain items and loots and keep doing it until you are satisfied by the number of coins you have in your treasure.

Final Words

These were some crucial Coin Master tips and tricks. Hope these help you become the Coin Master! If you have some other coin master tips and tricks to share then feel free to comment them below. We would love to hear from you. Share this article with your friends and other game mates. Stay tuned for more such gaming tips and tricks. Thanks for reading.

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  1. Hmmm, coin master hack is fake! I came to know that after i spent 2 hours trying to get free coins and spins in coin master. It didn’t work xD. Why didn’t i found your article before.

  2. Wow, really nice tips here. And thanks for telling me that coin master hack is fake! I always knew it. Thanks for confirming.

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