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Does this sound like you? I know it sounded like me just a short while ago when we got our new pup, Sparky. As it turns out, yelling those words as loud as possible does hardly anything to stop your dog from behaving poorly, and when it does work it’s only for a couple of seconds and then they’re back at it again. I’m sure you’ve figured that out by now and that’s why you’re here reading Doggy Dan Reviews.

Sparky is such an energetic little guy. Sometimes that energy adds to his cuteness, like when he’s running around in the back yard or on the beach without a care in the world. Other times it can be downright dangerous, like if he were to run toward a bigger dog or dash out into the middle of the street.

Doggy Dan Reviews – Does it Live Up to the Hype?

Doggy Dan Review

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These dangers led me to scour the internet in the hopes I could find something to help. That’s when I started noticing several Doggy Dan Reviews so I decided to see what it’s all about. I quickly began to realize that most of those reviews didn’t really capture the full essence of what the program really has to offer so I decided to go ahead and create my own review of Doggy Dan, aka The Online Dog Trainer. Read complete Doggy Dan Review here.

Is Doggy Dan Right for You?

The Doggy Dan program has training that can help virtually anyone who has a dog. It doesn’t really matter its age or breed or what you’re looking to accomplish; he has something for everyone. Everything from calming your dog to getting it to stop jumping on people is covered in the program.

I should point out that there are other options out there. You could send them to obedience classes or hire a personal dog trainer but those can get quite expensive. Plus, if at all possible, training your dog yourself will help strengthen the relationship between your dog. They’ll see you as being the alpha as opposed to some stranger.

You could, of course, make the argument that all the information you could possibly want is available somewhere online for free, and you’d be correct. The problem is that all of the information you don’t want is also there. Even if you filter through all of the bad and actually find some good, you’re likely only getting a small fragment of the big picture at a time. It can take ages to piece it all together and you don’t want to accidentally try something harmful and end up hurting your precious pet.

Who Exactly is Doggy Dan?

Dan is a family man from Australia and has been a dog trainer for over a decade. He is a successful book author and has many published articles. He’s even given speeches for the SPCA. Pretty cool.

The reason he created his Online Dog Trainer program originally is exactly what I mentioned previously; there just isn’t any good information out there that’s easy to find and easy to do. He then actually went ahead and developed complete a system that is easy enough for anyone to follow, with everything you need to know in a single neat package.

When you first land on his site you’re greeted with a touching video about his dog named Peanut who has unfortunately passed away recently. As sad as that is, her life and memory live on through this training program. Dan used her as his inspiration to create a system that was easy to understand for both dogs and their owners.

What is The Online Dog Trainer?

The Online Dog Trainer is the name of Doggy Dan’s training program. It’s a comprehensive guide to help you through any type of problem you might be facing when it comes to your dog’s behavior. The great thing about this program is that it is based on completely non-aggressive practices. Nothing forceful, no harmful training devices, no shocking, pricking, pinching, or yelling. That is why I chose this program specifically and why I wanted to write a Doggy Dan review for anyone out there looking for solutions.

 Best Online Dog Trainer

It’s a subscription-based service paid monthly, or per 6 months if you want to save a bit of cash. If you want to be very sure the program is right for you before committing any amount of money you can have full access to all of the training videos for 3 days with a payment of just $1.

If you wish to continue with the program after the trial period it will cost $37 per month or $147 for 6 months, which reduces the monthly cost down to just $24.50. That’s a pretty small price to pay for a happy and healthy life with your dog.

While that $1 trial is a great deal, he actually gives you a mini-course for absolutely free. All you have to do is enter your email and he’ll send you the 4-part video series to help you calm your dog. The info in the free course might not be revolutionary and won’t solve all of your problems but it’s nice to get something for free.

What Types of Behavior Does Doggy Dan Help Correct?

How many behavior problems can you think of right now? 6? 7? 10? I know I’d have a tough job thinking of more than that off the top of my head. Most people probably think of the obvious ones like peeing on the floor or jumping on your visitors but not all dogs have the same problems, just like people.

Doggy Dan actually targets a whopping 34 behavioral problems. They even include things that you might not think are problems but actually can be corrected, such as being scared of objects or loud noises. You also get the usual culprits of aggression, barking, and chewing on things.

These next few sentences might be disturbing to some of you, but did you know that some dogs will actually eat poop off the ground or out of a litter box? It’s not a pretty thing to think about but it’s a real problem that many dog owners face, called coprophagia. Doggy Dan will help you save your dog some health issues and yourself some embarrassment by correcting this awful problem.

What’s Included in the Doggy Dan Program?

There are 6 main sections in the core Doggy Dan program. They are as follows:

The Dog Calming Code

You can’t train a dog that isn’t calm or can’t at least get to a calm state of mind. This is the base your dog needs to ensure the effectiveness of all future training. This is especially important for hyperactive dogs who’s minds seem to run a mile a minute, just like our little Sparky.

Everyday Tools & Techniques

These lessons will teach you techniques you can use on a daily basis to keep the most common issues at bay and keep you confident of your control at all times.

Puppy Training

There’s no real mystery as to what this is all about. If you have a puppy it’s best to get it started off on the right foot at a young age. You’ll learn how to build a solid foundation to help ensure any behavior issues will be held to a minimum as your dog gets older.

Project Moses

Having someone explain things to you can be a great way to learn, especially if they can explain it well. Doggy Dan does an excellent job of explaining everything is most of the sections but Project Moses takes it to the next level.

Project Moses takes you on a step by step journey alongside Doggy dan as he trains his very own puppy, Moses. The videos start when Moses is 8 weeks old and continue until he’s 1 full year old. There’s no easier way to learn than seeing it happen right before your eyes.

Dog Problems

I have a feeling this is the most important section for most of you. This is the part where we really get to start changing those behavioral issues we’ve been talking about. Dog pull on its leash? Covered. Bark every chance it gets? Covered. Ignoring your commands? Yup, that’s covered too.

Don’t you just hate it when you come home from work only to find your favorite pair of shoes completely chewed up? You’ll learn how to never have that problem again. Shoes actually sound not so bad after the little incident we had with Sparky and our very expensive couch. That one still hurts to think about.

Dog Training


After you get your dog to start understanding your commands and remain calm while also eliminating their bad habits, you can take it a step further. This is where you learn to teach your dog those little extras. Many people will look to this section for tricks, such as fetching, sitting, and rolling over.

The main point here is that you can get your dog to do good things as opposed to most of the other lessons where you learn to teach your dog not to do bad things.


You don’t only get just the training videos, you also get access to the Online Dog Trainer forum where you can ask questions and get answers from other users, Doggy Dan’s team members, and even Doggy Dan himself.

If you’re more of a reader than a video watcher you can look at notes and transcripts from most of the training videos you find on the website.

All members also get to see new videos every week and have the ability to download a couple of video courses to use whenever, wherever, and however you please.

Pros and Cons of Doggy Dan


  1. Positive reinforcement techniques
  2. No harmful devices needed
  3. Created by an expert in the field
  4. Solutions to many different types of problems
  5. Easy to learn
  6. Community forum
  7. $1 trial
  8. Cancel any time


  1. You can’t download the main training This makes perfect sense because some people might just pay $1 and download everything and never come back
  2. A lot of the information isn’t groundbreaking but it is all still very solid and proven to work.

Final Thoughts

When we first brought sparky into our home, he seemed absolutely perfect. Oh, how naïve we were. It wasn’t long until the honeymoon period wore off and we were slapped in the face with reality. My husband and I have never raised anything on our own before; not even so much as a hamster.

It all seems so easy in the movies but real life is far from scripted. We create our own stories every single day and we want as many of those stories to have a happy ending as possible.

Doggy Dan reviews are flooding the web because he has created something that works and it works very well. He provides us with the tools we need to better connect with our dogs and get the absolute maximum fulfillment possible from the time we share together.

This program is one of the best guides you can find for DIY dog training and has helped several thousand people so far to better connect with their dogs on a basic natural level. It creates a foundation and builds trust and understanding for any future behavioral training.

I fully endorse and recommend Doggy dan to anyone with a dog, whether young, old, anxious, or aggressive. There’s something here for everyone and there’s really no reason to put it off any longer. Give Doggy Dan a try today for only $1.

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