Fortnite Building tips – How to build like a pro!

Hello, gamers! One of the most important things to learn in Fortnite is building. Even if you have poor aiming skills and great building skills you are going to survive longer than the guy who has great aiming skills but doesn’t know how to build. That’s why learning to build in Fortnite is really crucial. In this post, we are going to give you some Fortnite Building Tips and teach you how to build in Fortnite like a pro!

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Fortnite building tips – Some prerequisites for PC players

Before you even think of building in Fortnite like a pro you need to do few things: –

Key Bindings: – Having perfect keybindings will help a LOT!!! in this game. That’s why I would highly recommend you to set your own keybindings that you are comfortable with. It’s advisable that setting you set your building key to Mouse3 (if you have a gaming mouse), Q or any other key that is easy to reach.

I personally use these keybindings for building: –

  1. Wall: – Left Alt
  2. Floor: – Mouse button 3
  3. Stair: – Q
  4. Roof: – F4

As Building Slot 1 and 3 are used more usually I have set them to Left Alt and Q. For slots 2 and 4 Mouse button 3 and F4 buttons have been assigned. If you are playing on console then you can choose the Builder Pro keybinding configuration.

Get acquainted with building: – I would advise you to explore building in fortnite a little bit. Just join the match and try building yourself. Don’t worry about getting killed. Accept the fact that you are still learning and don’t get discouraged after getting killed. Just start another match and repeat it until you feel comfortable in building basic structures.

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Watch pro players: – Watching pro players play on Twitch or any other streaming site helps a lot. Learning from pros is the best thing you can do to become better in building and in this game in general. You will get a good idea of how structures are built and how they are used as a defense.

How to get good at building in Fortnite

Now, after you have gained a basic knowledge of building in Fortnite let’s learn some of the Fortnite building tips. These tips will help you in beating 90% of the players who don’t know how to build properly. Even the players who know how to build will have a hard time coping up with you when you will understand these Fortnite building tips.

What to do when you spot an enemy?

Well, most people just start shooting right away. That’s not what you have to do. Others are a little smarter and build a wall to protect them from enemy shots before they decide to shoot. But again that’s not the best decision. What you have to do is use the height advantage to kill your enemies. And to provide height advantage best thing to do is build stairs and get higher and closer to your enemy. But just building stairs is not going to help a lot. Your enemy will just shoot the stairs and you will fall down from height and die. To protect that from happening there are three ways in which you should make the stairs: –

  1. Making stairs parallel to each other: – Two stairs built parallel to each other are harder to break.
  2. Stair and a wall to protect it: – Build a stair and then add a wall in front of it to protect it. So, your enemy has to first shoot the wall and only then he can damage the stairs.
  3. Combine both of them: – Build parallel stairs and protect both of them with two walls (Double walls Double stairs structure).
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fortnite building tips

The Wall, Floor, and Stair Combination

The Wall, Floor, and Stair combination is the most basic combination you can use to protect yourself from the enemy and at the same time gain height advantage. So, suppose you are building stairs and suddenly your enemy starts shooting at you. What you gonna do? Well, the best and the most basic way to tackle it is to build a wall to protect yourself from the firing, now build a floor, and then build a stair going from the base of the floor to the top of the wall and jump on it while its still being built so that you don’t trap yourself. The wall, floor, and stair combination look like a right-angled triangle if viewed from the side. This structure does two things at once. It protects you from the enemy line of fire (the wall) and at the same time, it takes you one level above (the stair).To protect yourself from different angles you can build a wall on all four sides. This structure is called the Recon Fort and is one of the most basic structures to build.

fornite building tipsStair Tunnels

Another commonly used building structure is stair tunnel. Place a wall (will act as a base for the structure), make one stair generating from the bottom of the wall and one stair from the upper side of the wall. Now hop on the bottom stair and start adding stairs on both upper and the lower stair. The lower stair will help you in gaining high ground while the upper stairs will protect you from anyone already situated on the high ground where you are trying to reach.

Editing the pyramid

Suppose you have built a very high building and now you want to quickly go down what are you going to do? There are two ways to do that. First is to rotate the stairs to get downward stairs. You can then easily build stairs that will take you down. But the problem with this method is that most people forget to rotate the stairs back to their original configuration which causes problems later. So, the better and more convenient method to build downward stairs is to edit the pyramid. The pyramid structure is not used often so it’s better to edit it into downward stairs. So, now you will have your standard ramp which goes up and the edited pyramid ramp which will take you down. Now you will not need to rotate the standard ramp again and again.

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how to build in fortnite

Use the Storm to kill your enemies

A great trick to kill your enemies is to trap them in the storm. So, suppose you see an enemy trying to get inside the safe zone. All you have to do is don’t let them come inside. You can use your building techniques to keep them outside the safe zone. For example: – just build a wall with a strong material like Stone or Metal and watch them panic. An easy way to troll your enemy and have fun. Just keep them outside the safe zone and eventually, they will die. It can be a really helpful Fornite building trick to know in the end game situations where the safe zone is very small in area and 1 v 1 fights at the edge of the storm are common.

fortnite building tips

Protect yourself from falling by building

This Fortnite building tip is going to protect you from falling from mountains and dying in an embarrassing way. So, if you are falling from a mountain you can just build a floor taking the support of the mountain and prevent yourself from falling. Building to protect yourself from falling can be used in any situation like this.


So, these were some of the best fortnite building tips for beginners. Share these tips and tricks with your friends. We are going to bring more fortnite building tips and many more guides for gamers like you. So, stay tuned. Thanks for reading.

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