How to get free chegg account

One of the best ways to educate yourself in an effective and an efficient manner is online education. It is one of the most revolutionary things which has happened and has been highly successful in making everything 10x interesting so far. If you get a free Chegg account, you can easily start with your education and make the methods intact. You will be able to memorize each and everything at your own pace.

How to get Chegg for free

There are a good amount of online resources you can use for getting through your education. Cheg has been developed by an America based company and the main base of operation is in Santa Clara, California.

free chegg account

This website mainly started with providing rental textbooks to the students. They now help with providing assistance to students in terms of homework, tutoring online, searching for internships and helping students get a scholarship based on  their performance. It helps both high school level students as well as college level students.

In the past, people used to easily crack chegg accounts and the solutions on the website were blurred. They could be easily bypassed without purchasing the premium services. They have put up a good security now and your account will be banned for life if you even shared your credentials with your friends and family.

They will be able to track your location when you log in and that is the reason they know where you logged in. If your location will be different than before, they will ask you to verify the account.

Chegg study free trial

The working of Cheg

There is a 24 hour help portal if you are using Cheg and this is one of the most used feature. Most of the answers can be easily found if you use the relevant keyword inside the search bar. There are more than 1200 books solved on chegg and you can get all the answers you will need from the experts who are one of the best in that field.

How to get free chegg account

You will also get a GPA calculator which is one of the easily accessible options. There are e-books which are provided on the google drive. You will be given exclusive access to them as well.

One of the most used services is the tutoring service provided by This will help you get through tough times easily. All you will need to do is access the Study Help Option and you will get a tutor 24/7 any time. There are more than seven thousand tutors and more than 1500 tutors are available in at the night time.

 After you are done with subscribing to the services that Chegg provides, you will be able to access the solutions for over 9000 books and you will also get help from the experts who are good at that field. There are literally millions of answers available on and they can be extracted anytime.

There are a good number of teachers who believe that is is not a good practice if you are giving ready made answers to the students using the textbook problems and they say that it is equal to purchasing the degree which you are getting.

There are many tutors who strongly disagree with them and see the Cheg services as one of the best and they say that this service will help students learn easily. There is also a free trial version of the Cheg service which you can claim using the website by simply registering.

You cancel the membership within 7 days if you do not want to pay for further services. The per month charges for this website is 15 dollars per month and 75 dollars per year. You can select any book you want for rent and the perks are really good.

One of the perks is that you can easily reduce the cost of studying by more than 10 times using the Chegg services. You will not be charged shipping fee if the books which you have ordered are more than 85 dollars. If you want to hire a tutor for any purpose, the cost of that service is only 7 cents per minute.

Methods to Get chegg answers free : how to unblur chegg answers

 Method 1. Snatching the free usernames and passwords
  • There are a good number of websites which will help you get those free credentials of the cracked accounts if you are able to complete the survey task or skip some ads using them.
  • These websites have free lists of account usernames and passwords. If you keep on trying to use those credentials one by one, we are sure that one of them will work.
  • If you do not feel good about doing these things in order to get the information of those cracked accounts, we recommend that you apply for a 7 day trial and keep on doing that.

how to unblur chegg answers

Method 2. Making use of Swagbucks!
  • All you need to do is use this link in order to sign up for the swagbucks.
  • You will receive a confirmation email when you do that and you will need to verify the account using the link which they provide.
  • There will be several tasks which you will have to do in order to get to the goal.
  • Once they are dealt with, you will immediately get the free Chegg account which you can use.
  • You can continually use this method in order to get those accounts.
Method 3. Snatch that Trial without using your Credit Card
  • You can visit the website in order to get free fake credentials.
  • You will be given random details of a random card. You can select from the mastercard, visa and amex options.
  • Make sure to note those details down. Open the free trial page of the chegg website.
  • Enter the card details which you generated on that website and you will be good to go.

Conclusion: These are the most effective methods you can use in order to get a free account. Make sure that you do not fall for any pirated generator softwares which claim that you can get a free account using them. They will inject a virus in your computer instead of giving you a free account and you will need to call the technician instead. We hope that this article helped you out. Good luck.

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