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Earning money by following a passion is a dream job for everyone. For gamers like us, Beta Game Tester seems to be that dream job. Who doesn’t want to get paid for playing games? But how is it done? How can some become a game tester? In this post, we are going to share every bit of information you need in order to know how to become a game tester. We are going to debunk some myths and misconception about the game testing careers. We will also tell you about the educational requirements that are required for becoming a game tester. So, without any further ado let’s learn about how to become a game tester.

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Who is a game tester?

Video game testers a.k.a Product Quality Inspectors are professionals that verify whether a product, game, software or an app is working according to the specified plan or not. They test the quality of the product by trying it out themselves and report any kind of flaws, bugs or glitches in it. For example – Game testers spend hours playing the same game level a numerous number of times and trying different situations just to find a small glitch or a non-functioning visual effect.

After finding glitches or bugs in the game, the game tester has to write a report in which details about the glitches and problems found in the game are specified. This report helps game developers fix the code and other bugs to make a perfectly functioning game which is then released in the market. As we can see, the job of a game tester is crucial and has no room for errors.

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How to become a game tester?

Below are the steps and the educational requirements you need to become a game tester.

Educational Requirements

There are no definite education requirements for becoming a game tester and they vary depending on the employers. Usually, employers ask for a degree in Software Development, Computer Science, Programming, or other technical fields. We also recommend you try and get a certification in quality control too, but it is not necessary.

You need a strong understanding of how video games work and the in-game mechanism of popular gaming genres like RPG, First Person Shooter, Puzzle games etc. It would be great if you have at least 2 years of gaming experience in different genres.

The skills that you need to develop in yourself are: –

  • Writing skills: – You need to explain the each and every bug you faced while playing the game to the game developers pretty clearly and precisely in the report. That’s why honing your writing skills will be great.
  • Familiarity with the gameplay of different genres of games: – If you don’t know how the gameplay works usually then it will be really tough for you to find the bugs and glitches in the game.
  • Self Motivation: – Playing the same level hundreds of time requires a strong mind, patience and great motivation.
  • Eye for detail: – Finding the bug, glitches or a non-functioning visual effect becomes a lot easier when you have an eye for detail. The final product should be completely bug-free.
  • Programming: – Although not necessary, the programming skills may help you understand the working of a game in a better way and hence help you in finding bugs more easily.
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how to become a game tester

Steps you need to follow to become a game tester

  1. Become a pro gamer: – You need to have a good knowledge and experience of different genres of games. Employers demand individuals who themselves love playing games and are passionate about them. Try the games from most popular genres like FPS, RPGs, Multiplayer games etc. and get a feel of how the thing works in these games. This knowledge will help you in understanding whether a game that you are testing fits its genre specifications or not.
  2. Get trained: – A college or university degree in courses like Computer Science, Computer programming, graphic design or software development will help. Sometimes employers need all-rounders who can not only test video games but can also code and develop the games. That’s when your degree and programming skills might help you. A tech-savvy guy is also preferred by employers as a guy who has good knowledge of technology behind games can point out bugs more specifically and with greater details. Game developers will be able to communicate with a tech-savvy guy easily.
  3. Practice makes a man perfect: – You need a lot of experience and practice in order to become a professional game tester. Experience and practice will also teach you more techniques for finding bugs in a game. Before applying for a company you may try video game testing jobs from home. Click on the banner provided above to start your game testing career. American society for quality offers certification related to the field of game testing.

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Game Testing Jobs Online

If you want to start your career in game testing you can try It’s a site for budding game-testers to test and hone their skills online. Just create an account, select your job and start getting paid. You can click on the link provided below to start your game testing career right now!

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Benefits of joining GameJobsOnline: –

  • No boss, no annoying alarms, and no deadlines.
  • Work comfortably from home and enjoy what you do.
  • Get paid in cash and access to latest video games. Choose from many other reward options.
  • Most users redeem their first award in under 24 hrs.
  • Get invited to conferences like E3, Game Expo etc.
  • 60 days money back guarantee.
  • And many more benefits…

So, that’s it friends! We told you everything that you need to know about how to become a game tester! Comment down below and tell us about how this information helped you in reaching towards your goal one step closer. Share this article with your friends and help them gain information on how to become a game tester. Stay tuned for more informative posts. Thanks for reading.

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  1. Really great information on how to become a game tester! I have a question for you: – Is programming knowledge really important for becoming a game tester?

    • It depends on the needs of the recruiter. Everyone should know how to program in at least one language. So, my advice is to learn about it.

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