How to Spot a Dating Scammer in 5 Simple Steps

According to official data, the dating site scammers have “earned” more than 28 million dollars in 2015, 42 million in 2016, and almost 60 million dollars in 2017. Profitable business, isn’t it?! Sure, it is, but it is still one of the most unethical ways you can earn money there could possibly be. Since people that come to dating sites are sincere in their needs, they have certain expectations, and they are waiting for that one person in their life. And when this person ends up being a scammer… yeah, there is no point in explaining; let’s just say that it’s not a pleasant feeling. As you can see, you should rather learn about online safety than how to have a proper French kiss. Thus, today we will talk about just that: online safety and how can you spot a potential scammer on online dating sites.

How to recognize a scammer and not waste time, effort and money

Here are some common symptoms:

  • They are likely to have a good job: a doctor, an oilman, a builder of bridges and tunnels in the harsh conditions of Africa or Northern Canada. Not necessarily Africa and Canada, but living and working conditions are definitely harsh. Either insanely hot or unbearably cold. In general, their job is hard and full of risk, which adds up to their personal story, causing tears and empathy from you;
  • Early loss of parents (or one parent), the death of a wife, or a bad divorce, raising children without the support and participation of a woman;
  •  He is going to get old soon; he just wants to meet a wonderful woman to settle down together, and he has a lot of money to do it from his hard and risk-filled job.
  • His photos are wonderful, too good to be true: he is of normal height; he isn’t a weirdo – he just seems like a normal guy. They often use cuteness to their advantage.

We would advise you to use services like Tinder since they are well-moderated and protected against all types of fraudsters. Tinder isn’t immune to them, per say, but it’s still the best option out there.

The manner of communication and correspondence that distinguishes a scammer from a normal man:

  • The very first message sent is filled with emotions and sincerity. And it evokes the thoughts like “here it is, this is the one,” “finally,” and “the one and only has come;”
  •  The very first message is composed so that the woman will mentally respond with internal consent (psychological treatment has begun);
  • After 24 – 48 hours, he confesses to eternal love, and (the next marketing move) he draws the woman a picture of the future together that she will definitely want to have.
  •  He will ask a lot of questions and will be a grateful listener. His tastes surprisingly coincide with the interests of a woman;
  • His letters are oversaturated with words like “fate,” “values,” “family,” “honesty,” “sincerity;”
  • They write very long letters; you get tired of reading them. And they also write poems to you. By the way, you can find those original works at – There, you can check the letters from your favorite American generals and British military doctors. They do not bother writing new letters.
  • Their grammar is awful;
  • They are extremely emotional;
  • Sometimes they disappear for a while, and when they return, they call you by another name;
  • By the way, about the names – they call their “future wives” by words like “darling,” “honey,” and so on;
  • If a woman manages to get his phone number and get through, the sound will be dreadful. His accent will be heavy, the quality of communication will not help with that, and thirdly, “you called at the wrong time. I am extremely busy.” He is saving the world in one way or another.
  • They do not like to answer personal questions. He has a well thought out backstory but without details. If you ask about some things from his childhood or some other obscure nuances, the answers will be different the next time you ask the same question. If a woman continues to insist and asks many questions, he will resort to insults or threats because all of his personal data is secret; he is an important man, you know…
  • Love plays a big role in them. Which means that if you didn’t send him money in a time when he needed it the most, this is because you don’t love him, and you are a cruel woman.

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