Island of Nyne Tips and Tricks

Hello, gamers! Today in this post we will talk about a newly released game called Islands of Nyne. This game is yet another battle royale game with a pinch of sci-fi added to it. Today we are going to provide you some Islands of Nyne tips and tricks. These tips and tricks will help you in becoming a better player in this game and hence getting more wins. So, without any further ado let’s dive into some Islands of Nyne tips.

Islands of Nyne Tips

I will divide these tips and tricks into 3 different sections. The first one will be the weapon guide, the second one will be the movement guide and at last, we will talk about some general tips and tricks that you should apply in your gameplay. So, let’s start with the weapon guide!

The Weapon Guide

In order to wreck your enemies, you need to master the weapons. And to master the weapons you need to play a lot with them. The best and the quickest way to master the weapons are getting into more combats. The more you will get into the combats the more experience you will gain. Let’s look at some Islands of Nyne tips that you can follow in order to master the weapons in Islands of Nyne.

island of nyne tips

  1. Recoil Control: – One of the best things about this game that makes it different from other Battle Royale games like PUBG and Fortnite is the presence of a training room. Here you can practice using all the weapons present in the game. Pick any weapon that you like and go to the Recoil Pattern Test Wall and shoot at it. You will see the recoil pattern of the gun you are using. Now, all you have to do is shoot in the opposite direction of the recoil and you will hit your target accurately. If you find that difficult then you can try to fire in small bursts. It will decrease the fire rate a little but will be easier for you to control and accurate.
  2. Learn about attachments: – Attachments can be a little confusing at first. Learning what goes into which gun is a difficulty every newbie face in this game. That’s why you should spend your time in the training room learning about the attachments and their effect on the guns. Scopes like 8X and 6X only goes on Sniper rifles while ACOG only works with the assault rifles. The holographic and red dot sight can be attached to any gun. Silencers silence your weapon noise and make it difficult for enemies to trace you but they decrease your bullet velocity because of which the bullet drops more. To prevent missing the target you should aim a little higher than usual while the silencer is attached.
  3. Utilize gungame: – Before every match, you get a chance to test your skills against real players. Use that chance to improve your combat skills. You get a weapon upgrade after getting two kills. Try to get the best weapon in the whole gungame arena. That’s when you will know that your combat skills are much better than all the other players present in the match.

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island of nyne tricks

The movement part plays a crucial role in the game. You don’t want to be an easy target to hit. That’s why movement plays a big role in the game. Your movement also helps you in getting more kills too. So, let’s learn a few Islands of Nyne tips and tricks about movement.

  1. Bhop: – Bhop or Bunny Hoping is a great skill to learn in any game. It’s a combination of sprinting and jumping. Although in this game bhoping speed is equal to running speed but bhoping makes you a harder target to hit. I will advise you to always move around the map while bhoping. Also, you should never stand still at a place because that makes you an easy target to hit. Always keep moving.
  2. Strafing: – Strafing is shooting at your enemy while moving in order to make it difficult for your enemy to shoot you. Although it makes it a little harder for you to aim but with practice, you will learn how to hit your enemy while strafing. All you have to do is stop for a split second while strafing to shoot your enemy accurately. Practice it and you will find how amazing it is.
  3. Keep an eye on the map: – Dying outside the play zone is really frustrating and annoying. You don’t want that to happen. So, to avoid it always keep an eye on the map and if you find that you are outside the next safe zone then start moving towards the safe zone. That’s it!
  4. Where to land? : – The safe zone is not determined before the start of the match. It’s determined while you are dropping. So, you should be ready to turn yourself towards the safe zone. I will advise you to land at an unnamed place because fewer players will land there and you will face less competition. Don’t worry about the loot, there are lots of unnamed locations on the map that yield a good amount of loot. Once the circle gets smaller in size try to centralize yourself.
  5. No fall damage: – There is no fall damage in this game. You can jump from anywhere and you will hit the ground safely.

Gameplay Tips

Time for some gameplay tips! Let’s learn about some Islands of Nyne tips that will help you in playing the game a little better than others who don’t understand the gameplay yet.

  1. Shields and Armor: – Shields cover your entire body and can block up to 3-4 shots depending on the gun you are being shot from. Grab the shield wherever you find it. Not only they protect from your enemies but they also provide you HUD Bonuses. HUD Bonuses like safe zone indicators and compass markers are really helpful in knowing whether you are outside the safe zone or not so that you don’t have to look at the map again and again.
  2. Kill the drones: – Drones provide you better weapons and medications when they drop to ground. I will advise you to shoot at the drones only when you have a silencer on your weapon. Because shooting at drones will give away your position otherwise. But if you really need the upgraded weapons and medications then just go for it without the silencer.
  3. Knife: – You can throw the knife by holding the right click and then pressing the left click. Also, you run faster with the knife out.


So, we shared all the Islands of Nyne Tips and tricks with you in this post. Share this post with your friends and let them know about these Islands of Nyne tips too. Stay tuned for more gaming news, tip, and tricks. Thanks for reading!

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