List of Highest Paying URL Shortener Sites [2019]

LIf you are looking for Highest Paying URL Shortener Sites to Earn Money easier and faster then follow this article completely and you can get what you are looking for? There are many URL Shorteners available in the market for free but you need to choose the Best URL Shortener Site that provides you the Full Features of a URL shortener.

First of all, you need to know that which is the Best URL Shortener for Advertisers to create a campaign. And also for other purposes. Generally, URL Shortener is the Best Way to increase the earnings from the websites. You don’t have to own a website to earn money from this method. Use the Social Media Sites to share your shorten URL’s links through Websites or Forums.

How Money is generated through Shortern URL links

First, you have to Shorten your URL link and post it on social media, websites, and forum. Whenever a visitor visits the site and clicks on your tiny URL links some amount will be added to your shortener account. If you want to try this method and start earning lots of money then follow the given URL Shortener networks names and details which are the Best URL Shortener Sites.

The given List of Highest Paying URL Shortener Sites is very safe to use and recommended by many users all over the world. You don’t have to worry about the third party sites which are involved in scams and other issues because these are tested and verified by professionals. But the difference between the sites is their payouts for the Shortener URL links.

List of Highest Paying URL Shortener Sites


Linksop is one of the Best Highest Paying URL Shortener Site which is most trusted and highly growing URL Shortener company. In this site, apart from getting money by creating short links, you can also earn money by inviting your friends and family. According to the current rate, you will be paid approximately 20% of the total earnings of your friend’s account which is referred by you. This site allows the user to withdraw money through multiple options like Paytm, Tez (Google Pay), BHIM UPI, PhonePe, Payoneer and some other Bank Transfers.

2. is another Best URL Shortener Service which is having a similar User Interface like Linksop. It is very easy to earn money with this simple three steps in the First, you have to create an account and shorten your link on the site. Next share the links on social media and also invite your friends and family. Finally, you will get the 20% Referral Bonus from your friend’s earnings and also earn up to $120 per 10000 views.


One of the highest paying URL Shorteners. It is highly trust-able and legal website. The CPM Rates at ClicksFly are pretty high. The best thing about Clicksfly is that you can withdraw your money once the balance reaches 3$. You can also earn 20% referral commission. The payout for 1000 views is 15$. You can get paid at Paypal, Bank Transfer, Skrill etc.

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