Motioney Review

The best way to promote your products and services is by using sponsored ads on various social media websites. Social media websites have been a large user base, which gives the biggest advantage of promoting your services. Even though you post several ads in social media, but you still unable to provide high traffic what’s your product or services. You need to post appealing ads in order to gain an audience, as you need to remember that most of the users do not spend more than 1.7 seconds while using a smartphone and not more than 2.5 seconds while using desktop.

  Motioney Review

The best way to attract the audience towards your ads is by posting live pictures, among various software you can use Motioney software for creating moving pictures. This product is considered as one of the most revolutionary software, which is very easy to use and it will attract a large number of audiences towards your product or services.

Motioney Software Review:

Motioney is basically a revolutionary software which can be used in computer, you can use this software for creating attractive video ads which can be shared in various social media websites. The software also allows you to directly share the created live ads directly into 9 social media platforms. These social media platforms include Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Snapchat, Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr, Reddit, and LinkedIn. In case you are not satisfied with the customer engagement from your ads, then by using Motioney software, you will get a better result.

Usually, people scroll through social media platforms at a faster pace, so normal pictures do not attract attention. By creating live pictures, you can easily attract that attention of the users and they might get interested in your product services. This is the sole reason why most of the major brands are also using live photos for advertising their product, these major brands include Apple, Canon, Dior, Mercedes, Netflix, etc. As the software gives you a complete video ad by using 3 simple steps, you can easily create small GIF or videos.

No need to waste your money on sponsored ads which might not get much response compared to live photos ad. Motioney Software offers two kinds of subscription which you can choose from, you can either choose the monthly subscription package of $9.95 per month which includes a commercial license. You can even choose the annual package for $69.95; it gives an instant discount of $49.75 along with 5-month free subscription compared to a monthly subscription. As per the Facebook sponsors ad users, after using live images the click-through rate increased up to 117%.

So basically, it decreases more than 41% of the cost per click, which is cheaper compared to purchasing any social media ad subscription. Motioney Software offers commercial license along with the subscription, as most of the social media content creators services offered more than $1,500 per month. So basically, you will be able to attract viral traffic into your ads, and you can use a single file in all the social media platforms by using this software.

Features of Motioney Software:

These are the key features of Motioney Software. read the features carefully before using this software.

  • Create video ads or live pictures promise a single photo.
  • Easy to generate video ads for every social media platform which are supported by the software.
  • Tools provided in the software are easy to use, it does not require any knowledge for creating ads.
  • Easily attract the audience by creating video ads.
  • The software also provides a commercial license which makes you easier to sale your video ads.

Guide to Use Motioney Software:

If you are wondering how to use Motioney Software, then you should follow the guidelines provided in this article for you. Motioney software is supported in both Windows PC and Mac computer.

  1. Launch an internet browser in your computer and click on the link provided below this article.
  2. This link will redirect you to the Motioney Software, from there you can subscribe to the software.
  3. Choose monthly or annual package in order to download the software on your computer.
  4. After you have successfully subscribed, download the software on your computer.
  5. Install the software and after the installation process is completed launch the application.
  6. Now to get started click on the create new animation button in the software.
  7. It will let you browse the computer for selecting an image.
  8. Select any preferable image which you want to make a video ad.
  9. After you selected the image the software will provide you with several tools, you can use that tool to add text, crop picture, and various other customizations.
  10. In order for video ads, you need to animate the picture. To do so you need to click and add several animation points and drag it.
  11. After you have selected the animated portion of the image, you need to master the area which does not need to be animated.
  12. After it’s done you can click on the play button, it will give you the preview of the video ad which you have created using the software. Change the speed and style of animation by going to the animation properties.
  13. After the video ad is completed, you need to export the file.
  14. In the export window, you can select a resolution, width and height, file type, frame rate, and rotation and even animation loop duration.
  15. After you selected your preferred settings, click on the export button to export the file into your computer.

Website Link>> Motioney Software.

Nowadays online marketing is one of the best ways to promote your products and services towards customers. Although if your ad does not have appealing content, then most of the users will simply avoid it. In order to gain an audience, we would definitely recommend you to use Motioney software for creating live pictures. We have tried to cover up each and every detail about Motioney software and reviewing it for you in case you are interested in this product. Share the complete article with others, so that they can also be to take advantage of this wonderful software for promoting their products.

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